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Terms and conditions

TOURNAMENT CONDITIONS - Please scroll down to read and accept all conditions 

The 2019 Copthorne Bay of Islands 4 Course Golf Classic (“the Tournament”) shall be under the management and control of the PaR nz Golfing Holidays Tournament Committee whose decision on all matters relating to the Tournament shall be final.

  1. Note all conditions and any issued local rules will be published in accordance with the New Rules of Golf effective 01 January, 2019.
  2. The Tournament will be a 72-hole (4 rounds) single stableford event with prizes awarded daily as well as overall winners determined by the highest aggregate of stableford points over the four Competition rounds. 
  3. In addition, there is an overall best gross prize for men and women awarded.
  4. The four 18 hole competition rounds will be conducted on Friday 3rd May, Saturday 4th May, Monday 6th May and Tuesday 7th May 2019. (Rest day Sunday 5th May)
  5. In the event that weather conditions prevent all the players from finishing their round, that Competition round will be cancelled and the tournament reduced accordingly.
  6. Players must have an official New Zealand Golf Handicap or Australian Golf Link number or an overseas equivalent. International players must provide prior to the tournament their membership number and golf association website for handicap verification.
  7. The committee may adjust handicaps for competitors from other countries not using the course & player USGA slope system for handicapping.
  8. All handicaps will be frozen for the duration of the Tournament from 1ST May 2019. The committee may adjust handicaps for competitors from other countries not using the course & player USGA slope system for handicapping.
  9. The maximum handicap index not exceeding 36.4 (men) and 40.4 (women). The committee accepts that handicaps may alter from the time of entry to the start of the tournament. The tournament committee may accept entries from players, whose current handicap is higher than when they entered, providing all play is off the maximum handicap levels as stated.
  10. The field is limited to the first 208 entries received on-line with full payment on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. All golfers entering on-line will receive an electronic confirmation of entry and payment receipt.
  11. In the case of a tie: For daily prizes, there will be a count back based on the last 9 holes, 6 holes, 3 holes, 1 hole then by lot. For overall aggregate prizes, there will be a count back based on the last 18 holes, last 9 holes, 6 holes, 3 holes, 1 hole then by lot.
  12. Daily winners will also be announced in all divisions – players winning a prize on any day. All prizes will be distributed in accordance with the Rules of Amateur Golf Status.
  13. The Tournament will be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf and such Local Rules as approved by the Tournament Committee.
  14. The Tournament Committee may at its discretion amend or add any condition of the Tournament.
  15. All competitors are responsible for all damage to hotel property, hotel rooms, golf carts.
  16. Full entry payment is due at the time of entry. Any variation to your booking must be in writing. PaR nz Golfing Holidays reserve the right to change golf courses and venues to that which is advertised providing a replacement of a similar standard is substituted.
  17. In the event that you cancel, we will refund your entry fee less $40 administration fee. Refunds for add-on booking arrangements such as hotels, airlines, rental car companies, golf courses etc. will only be considered based on what percentage we are able to secure from suppliers less the deposit.
  18. PaR nz Corporate Events Limited may arrange media promotion and publicity before, during and after the Tournament. Competitors assent to references to them and pictures of them appearing and being used for purposes determined by PaR nz Corporate Events Limited.
  19. By entering this PaR nz Golfing Holidays event managed tournament, you agree to be added to the PaR nz Golfing Holidays database and to receive electronic on-going communications including email newsletters, electronic flyers, and materials as may be sent by post, including specific updates as they pertain to the event you have just entered.
  20. All players and partners participating in the Tournament agree to comply with the NZ Licence Laws when entering and purchasing services from the four golf club venues. This may include providing your name and home address.
  21. All competitors participating in the Tournament do so at their own risk; the Tournament Committee, PaR nz Golfing Holidays, sponsors, host golf clubs and other suppliers of goods or services accept no liability for any death, injury, property loss or damage incurred during or arising out of any aspect of the conduct of the Championship.
  22. For all golfers, PaR nz Golfing Holidays strongly recommends travel insurance is taken out. 
  23. All players must register in person on Thursday 2nd May 2019 at Charlotte’s Kitchen, Paihia from 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Players may still register on the first day of competition, Friday 3rd May 2019 if the tournament committee has been notified.

I declare that I am eligible under the conditions of the Tournament, and that as an amateur golfer I conform with the Rules of Amateur Status and that all of the provided information is correct to the best of my knowledge, and I confirm that I have read and agree to all conditions of the tournament.